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ContainUR Pools hillside installation of shipping continer pool


As long-time veterans of the pool and spa industry, we saw a need for a better shipping container pool – a pool that was more than just a metal box filled with water.

After years of development, we offer the best shipping container pool on the market. The difference is our fiberglass, gelcoat shells. Durable and built to withstand extreme climates, our fiberglass inserts turn shipping containers into beautiful, environmentally friendly and luxurious pools.

Let us help you transform your backyard with a modern container pool.

Modern backyard with a ContainUR Pools shipping container pool

Proudly made in the USA.

Our pools are hand-made and fabricated at our warehouse in Las Vegas, Nevada.


No sprayed or vinyl liners against metal here. Our shipping container pools are the highest quality in the industry. They are beautiful, functional and built to last.

01 - Durable Fiberglass Shells

No more liners, rust, leaks or paint deterioration. Our custom-made fiberglass inserts turn shipping containers into elegant swimming pools. We use the highest-grade materials to withstand regular wear-and-tear and extreme weather, and handcraft the shells at our Las Vegas, Nevada, facility. 

02 - Modern, Elegant Design

A container pool is a modern, work-of-art – the coolest above ground pool on the market. Perfect for a minimalist or contemporary yards; a ContainUR Pool will give your neighbors something to talk about.

03 -Completely Self-Contained

All plumbing and equipment are contained within the doors of the container. No external pumps, drains, or filtration systems. Your entire pool has just an 8’ x 20’ footprint.

04 - Standard Equipment

Designed for easy installation and low maintenance care. All of our pools come standard with Hayward Pro line equipment, a leader in pool accessories. Standard features include an 11KW heater, LED light, two-speed pump, skimmer and easy filtration system.

05 - Hillside Installations

A containur pool goes where traditional pools can’t. Over a hillside, berm or balcony. No problem! Free up useable space in your backyard with a shipping container pool.

06 - Compact and Perfect for Anywhere

At just 8’ x 20’, our shipping container pools are designed for small lots. Think you don’t have the space for a pool? You do! A shipping container is the perfect solution for a smaller yard.

ContainUR Pools dark grey shipping container pool in California backyard


High-Quality Builds

We strive to build the best. That means we use the highest-quality materials and equipment, including Hayward Pro line equipment and handmade fiberglass shells.


Exceptional Customer Service

Stay connected with the ContainUR Pools team during the build process and after your pool is installed.


Speed and Convenience

Traditional pools require lengthy builds. Don’t wait for your pool! Our team manufactures modular pools in Las Vegas, with some of the best lead times in the industry.


Contact us, tell us what you’re looking for and learn how to start your easy order process! We are here every step of the way.