Orange ContainUR Pool shipping container pool with acrylic window option

What makes you different from other companies?

I’m sure we are all great at what we do… but there are quite a few things that make us different! Instead of spraying epoxy or using a vinyl liner, we actually manufacture a fiberglass swimming pool with a smooth gelcoat surface and install it into the shipping container. Our pools are fully insulated on each wall with R-rated insulation - and if that’s not enough, we actually add a foam core layer to our fiberglass process when we are making your pool shell! Our pools are made in the USA (in Vegas, baby!) with the highest grade materials in the industry - no scrimping here!

Can my new Containur Pool be installed in the ground?

Yes, your pool can go in the ground… however we do recommend that you keep your equipment accessible (meaning, dig your hole 4 feet longer than the pool so the doors can still open) or work with a local pool contractor to make sure that your equipment is plumbed outside of the container. Even though containers are made with COR-10 steel, we also recommend a water-resistant barrier to be added to your container walls. Or, if you want to minimize costs, you can choose to partially bury your new CP to achieve an incredible look! Chat with us about the options to build an equipment shelf to raise your equipment and can also add a water-resistant barrier to try and negate any water getting inside your equipment area.

Can I have a different interior color besides white?

Absolutely! However, as with any swimming pool - when you add chemicals and water to a color, that color will change and also can fade unevenly. If you are wanting a different look, we recommend our Reflections Collection!

What is the Reflections Collection?

Okay, now this is cool! We actually take flakes of acrylic and poly stone and through a unique process, we are able to cast them into our gelcoat for a beautiful and smooth effect! With our Reflections process, you can have a dark colored pool without worrying about discoloration spots creeping up on you. And, with the unique coloring, shimmer and reflections… debris in the pool is less noticeable so you will spend less time cleaning and more time relaxing! Oh, and by the way, some colors have glittery sparkles for an even bigger reflection effect!

How soon can I get my new Containur Pool?

We are usually on a 6-8 week lead time… windows require 3 extra weeks of production and set time. During our busy months, lead times can be longer

How are your windows installed?

We really put a lot of extra details into our windows! We add more structure to the pool, and also to the container. Then we install your 1.5” thick acrylic window and fabricate a beautiful frame for the outside of your container!

Can I use my Containur Pool in the winter?

Absolutely! Our pools come standard with an 11kw heater (which is a small heater with a powerful punch!) or you can upgrade to a gas or propane heater that will heat your pool super quickly. Because you invested in the best container pool in the industry, you have 3/4” R-rated insulation on every wall of your pool between the container and the fiberglass shell! Not only is fiberglass self-insulating, but we also put a layer of foam core in the middle of all that fiberglass strength! Plus, with our insulated cover, your water will stay at a constant temperature without breaking your monthly utilities!

Is there a warranty?

Yes! Plus, you can swim in peace knowing that we give you the best warranty in the shipping container pool industry! The shell has a 2-year warranty, the structure has a 3-year warranty and your equipment is under warranty through each manufacturer, which is also 2 or 3 years per piece!

Are you coming to install it at my house?

As much as we would love to see your sweet city or town, we do not perform any onsite work. If you need help researching a local contractor or handyman service, we would be more than happy to help!

How do I prepare my site?

Please keep in mind you need 4 things for easy prep-work: LEVEL PAD: Make sure the area where your Containur Pool is going has a level pad to sit on. We recommend a concrete pad, or compacted Type II gravel. If you are unsure which option works for your yard, consult with a local contractor or handyman service to find out your local soil composition and what would work best for a pool that weighs approx. 36,000lbs when filled. HOOK UP: Have 220v 60amp electrical ran to your pool (If you added a river jet to your pool, you will need a 70amp to 80amp service. If you added a gas heater to your pool, then have a plumber come to run a gas line too.) MOVE: Call a crane service to meet the delivery driver at your curb to easily put your pool in place! For an 8 x 20 model, unfilled it will weigh approx 5500lbs and they will need to bring their spreader bar for an easy move. PERMIT: Some cities/counties have added verbiage that require a permit for above ground pools or even hot tubs. It is the homeowners choice and responsibility to contact the local city or county office to make sure your new Containur Pool can be permit free! (If you do need a permit, we can help you with the easy process and we will pay for the permit fee up to $200.) Once you receive your pool, CONNECT IT, FILL IT, then ENJOY IT!

Can I change the interior layout of my pool?

Short answer: No, we can’t change the interior - but we designed our pools with everyone in mind! We wanted to maximize the swim space and also include a “shallow” end for relaxing or letting the littles play around!