The birth of a shipping container pool

ContainUR Pools shipping container pool in backyard

Integrating shipping containers into home design is on trend and it’s easy to see why. The United States has an influx of shipping containers, “twenty-one thousand containers hit the American shore EVERY day of the year” according to and because the US imports a great deal more than it exports most of these gently used containers are abandoned and stock piled in ports all along the American coast with the potential to end up in landfills.

“Using shipping containers to build homes fascinated me,” remarks Davalyn Kratz, owner of ContainUR Pools. “My husband, Bryan, and I have spent over 20 years in the spa and pool business and began to develop this idea after researching the eco-friendly concept of shipping container construction. What we found is that other companies were making shipping container pools, but many of their customers weren’t happy. So we knew that if we were going to step into this arena we had to be different…we had to do it right.”

Forging forward, Bryan began to develop the idea of a fiberglass insert that would fit snuggly within the container and alleviate any threat of leaks, rusting or paint deterioration. An engineer was consulted, a mold was created and the first fiberglass shell was inserted into a gently used shipping container in early 2019. ContainUR Pools unprecedented design allows for easy access to the pool equipment through the container’s side doors as well as the availability of Bluetooth accessible equipment and an upgraded 400k BTU heater, making it a no fuss pool that can be used 365 days a year no matter where you live.

“This is an all-inclusive pool, ready to be installed on a hillside, partially in-ground or anywhere that you want it to be. As long as you have a 220v electrical outlet this pool is literally plug and play,” comments Bryan.

Having grown up in Fargo, North Dakota Bryan understands that people want a pool they can use more than 2 months out of the year and this is that pool. There is no winterizing or giving up your swim training because of cold weather. Simply use your smartphone to start your heater and swimjet and enjoy a swim regardless of the temperature.

With options that include a swim jet, side window, custom interior and exterior paint and the ability to swim in it the same day it is delivered it seems as if ContainUR Pools has accomplished what they set out to do. Create an affordable, environmentally friendly pool that is built to last, looks really cool in any yard and well, of course, gives your neighbors something to talk about.