They don't arrive looking like that...

Putting on the finishing touches at ContainUR Pools

A day with ContainUR Pools owner, Davalyn Kratz

For the past 2 weeks I have watched a team of welders, painters, woodworkers and detailers take a standard shipping container, with all its dings and lack of usability and turn it into a thing of beauty. What rolled into the back lot of ContainUR Pools' North Las Vegas warehouse was a huge, “gently-used” shipping container that would, over the course of the next few weeks, turn into a beautifully engineered structure that encases every hand-made fiberglass insert that ContainUR Pool manufactures.

Every container goes through a 6-step process that cleans, disinfects and prepares the container for a team of welders to begin the arduous task of building the frame that supports the patent-pending fiberglass insert that makes a ContainUR Pool stand out from the competition.

This is no easy task. The welding team spends days turning a dreary shipping container into a beautiful work of art.

Yes, I said work of art. If you were here to watch the process you’d absolutely agree with me. Each corner, the top frame, the interior structure work that ensures proper placement for the fiberglass insert, it all adds up to art. Owner, Davalyn Kratz, is a stickler for perfection. “We expect every container to be not just beautiful, but structurally sound. Yes, it is a time-consuming process, but the results speak for themselves”.

I couldn’t agree more.

Once the welders are finished the container is once again cleaned, but this time it is the detailers that take over. Every inch of the container is inspected by Davalyn where she points out areas that need to be sanded down and areas that need a better-looking weld. It is essential that the container is free from dust, debris and what the detailers like to call “corner-krud” because the container is about to move into the final step of production, the paint bay.

“Painting the containers is a time-consuming process, but it is also when you finally begin to see the finished product,” states Davalyn.

Using a specially formulated, marine-grade, fade-resistant paint Davalyn prepares a (somewhat intimidating) paint-gun and begins to 'mask-up' because at ContainUR Pools it is the owner that paints every container. “The process is so detail-oriented and I am just too hands-on…so I have to do it myself”. With drying time this is a 2-3 day process where every paint drip, every curve and every corner is touched, sanded and perfected while Davalyn sprays each layer of paint onto every square-inch of the container.

The result is a structure finally ready for the ContainUR Pools stamp of approval.

“All done!” I enthusiastically say to Davalyn. “Ha!” she laughs. “We are only half done, let’s see how the fiberglass shell looks and if the equipment is ready to be installed”.

Oh ya……you mean the swimming part of the pool…

Davalyn grabs a micro-fiber rag and heads to the fiberglass area as I try and sneak out. “Hey, where are you going?” Davalyn calls out to me. “Home” I say, “because all of the work I just watched you all do has me exhausted!”