This is no ordinary swimming hole. It's a shipping container pool.

Warehouse at ContainUR Pools

"A container pool? Is that really a thing?"

We've heard this phrase so many times. The thought of building with shipping containers was once considered outrageous. Fast forward into 2020 and a home built out of shipping containers isn't considered as strange as it once was. In fact, shipping containers are being used all over the world to create environmentally friendly, masterfully designed buildings and people don't blink an eye.

So, to answer the question so many have asked, yes, a container pool really is a thing, and no one has taken on the task of swimming in a shipping container better than ContainUR Pools.

We have masterfully created a pool that is free of rust, comes complete with Pentair pool equipment, has an 8'x20' footprint that is easily placed almost anywhere and can be customized to include a swim jet, a window and custom paint. No amount of DIY handiwork can compete with the process that has been perfected by ContainUR Pools.

Our craftsmen at ContainUR Pool include a team of professionals that include engineers, welders, and trained fiberglass and service technicians behind every unit. We aren't just filling a container with a vinyl liner and adding water. We are creating a pool that lasts.