Masterfully placed by our top rated technicians, the plumbing and equipment are all self contained inside the container doors and under the steps of your pool. And with our front access skimmer basket, you have the easiest to use, lowest maintenance container swimming pool in the industry!

8’ x 20’ Signature Pool

  • Swim Space holds approx 3800 gallons of water

  • LENGTH - 20 feet

  • WIDTH - 8 feet 

  • DEPTH - From floor to top of rail is 57” which means approximately 4.5’ of water depth

  • SHALLOW END - 5.5’ of 11” stairs that lead into the deeper swim area

  • EMPTY WEIGHT - approx 5500lbs

  • FILLED WEIGHT - approx 36,000lbs

8’ x 40’ Luxe Model

  • Our Signature 20' Pool with 10' composite wood deck leading to a 7’x7’ hot tub

  • Composite wood deck can be configured with or without steps or left open.

  • LENGTH - 40 feet

  • WIDTH - 8 feet

  • EMPTY WEIGHT - approx 10000lbs

  • FILLED WEIGHT - approx 47,000lb

Exterior Height

When we upcycle A-Grade shipping containers, we cut them in half lengthwise, and the height of each half is different. (The interior pool area is the same for both halves.) If you have a preference of exterior height, please let us know when you place your order. Structural strength and integrity is added to both container halves.

Top-half height - 59”

Bottom-half height - 64”

Made in the USA and built to order

Our pools are built to order. The ContainUR Pools Signature standard pool offers incredible performance with  Hayward's Pro Line Equipment. Standard equipment includes:

  • Handmade Fiberglass and Gelcoat Pool Shell 

  • Two-Speed Pump 

  • 11KW Heater for Year-Round Swimming 

  • LED Light and Switch 

  • Skimmer Basket with 100SF Easy Filtration System

  • All Plumbing Completed and Installed

  • R-Rated Insulation on Every Wall and Doors 

  • Electrical Components Installed and Ready for Hookup